Magnum Apple Cider

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Apple Cider Refill Ingredient (Equipment required to make - not included)
Made from 100% quality apple concentrate, this cider making refill ingredient kit produces a stunning apple cider with 5-6% alcohol and a very clear and crisp apple taste.

Please note: Some ranges, including the Magnum ciders, have tins which can sometimes appear dented, this is due to the pressure within the tins and the manufacturing process when filled and cannot be avoided, particularly when cold. The contents are perfectly fine and safe to use.

About the Magnum Strawberry Cider

Takes 3-4 Weeks to Brew
Approx. ABV 5-6% 
Makes up to 40 pints
Equipment required to make (not included).
Just add sugar and water
Includes easy step-by-step instruction booklet
View Magnum Cider Making Instructions 

Also available in Strawberry, Pear, and Elderflower 

Please note when adding the flavouring the instructions suggest using a second fermenting vessel, if preferred you can use just one vessel, but after adding the flavouring and mixing in, the mixture will need leaving for another couple of days to settle before bottling

Equipment required to make Magnum Apple Cider (not included) Cider Starter Kit is ideal or..similiar equipment all available on the website
To complete your brewing process you are going to need one the following..

Glass Bottles Pack (include cap and capper and Coopers carbonation drops),

Coopers Plastic bottles including Caps and Carbonation drops, or

Barrel to keep the Beer or Cider in and you can upscale this to a Pressurised System