Homebrew.ie Beer Deal 40 Pint Beer Starter Kit with (Beer Included)

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 G  Our Basic Homebrew Starter Kit is a fun and simple 40 pint starter kit that will save you £'s. These kits have been designed to keep things as simple as possible but to give you great results. Brewing your own beer should be easy and fun and with this starter kit it makes it just that.

Clear and concise instructions ensure that in as little as 3 weeks you could be drinking your home made beer.

All you will need to make your 40 pints of is, enough bottles to store 40 pints, 1kg of sugar and tap water. ( Better to use filtered water if you have access )

The Basic Homebrew Starter Kit Contains


1 x 25 litre Fermentation Vessel inc Drilled Lid

1x Airlock

1x Rubber Grommet

1x 100g Steriliser

1x Syphon tube ( 1.5m )

1x Beer Paddle

1x Beer of your choice ( see below )

1 Beer of your choice. ( Choose from dropdown Menu)