Woodfordes Bure Gold

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Woodfordes Bure Gold Refill Ingredient Kit

Approx. ABV 4.3%

Makes 40 Pints

Style: Golden

Equipment is required to make this refill kit (not included) such as item number 630122K

A classic aromatic golden ale brewed using carefully selected pale and lightly roasted malts, in combination with American aroma hops to tantalise the palate.

Woodfordes has grown from tiny beginnings to become one of the largest and most respected of the wave of new cask ale brewers who started up in the early 1980's. It was a time when beer drinkers finally began to rebel against the relentless blandness of the larger brewers products, and pioneers turned first to home brewing and then to commercial production of their lovingly created recipes.

Now you can make your own top quality Woodfordes beers easily and economically in the comfort of your own home. Discover your favourite from the great range of Woodfordes Home Brew kits.