Thomas Coopers Traditional Draught

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Home Brew Refill Kit Makes 20 Litres
A traditional flavoured ginger beer from Coopers with a hint of spice and plenty of bite, sure to quench the deepest thirst.
Can be made as an alcoholic drink with 1kg of sugar (approx 3.5% ABV) or a non-alcoholic drink with the only addition being carbonation drops (priming sugar) to the bottles.
About the Coopers Ginger Beer Kit
Contains 980g Home Brew Concentrate & Packet of Yeast
Easy, step-by-step Instructions
Takes 3-4 Weeks to Brew
Can be made alcoholic or non-alcoholic
Makes 20 Litres (35 Pints)
Equipment required to make the ginger beer (not included)
Fermenting Bin with a minimum of 25 Litres capacity
Syphon Tube
Bottles – We recommend PET Plastic Bottles
Carbonation drops for priming (both for alcoholic and non-alcoholic methods)
Other helpful equipment
Hydrometer – to check the alcohol level if using that method
Airlock – to put in the lid of Fermenting Bin if the lid is fitted with hole and grommet
New To Home Brewing?
Equipment is required to brew this beer kit.
Our Home Brew Online Starter Pack is ideal
How do I brew it?
It'’s easy! Take a look at our step-by-step Guide To Brewing Beer
Coopers Traditional Draught Homebrew Beer Kit delivers a draught that beer lovers will be delighted with.  The amalgamationof hops and malt delivers the palate cleansing freshness of a traditional draught beer in your own living room.

Cooper's Australian beers are simple to brew, producing great beer every time.

Requires 1kg of brewing sugar or equivalent to make 40 pints.