Strawberry & Lime Cider

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Young's Cider Kit - Strawberry & Lime Cider kit

Makes 40 pints at approx 5.2% ABV
All from the 3.5 kg cider kit, no extra fermenting or priming is sugar needed as its all included in the cider kit

The powerful taste of strawberry bursts onto the palate with a hint of lime, these two flavors combine perfectly for an amazingly refreshing taste, this cider kit is best served chilled over ice

You get a nice looking cider with a golden strawberry blush that is poured with a gentle fizz.
Tasting smooth, fruity and sweet this cider kit is deliciously drinkable. It is made with a tangy citrus burst which balances out the flavors in perfect harmony and add wonderful sharpness to the cider.