Starter Kit for Natural Ingredients 25L

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This home brew starter kit contains all the equipment and additives you need to make wine from fresh ingredients.

This kit contains :
2 x Wide Neck Fermentation Vessels (25 Litre).
2 x Bubbler.
2 x Cork Bung.
1 x Steriliser 100g.
1 x Syphon Tube.
1 x Hydrometer.
1 x Trial Jar.
1 x Mixing Spoon
1 x Stick-on Thermometer. 
60 x Corks. 
1 x First Steps in Winemaking C.J.J Berry,
2 x Red Wine Yeast.
2 x White Wine Yeast.
1 x Yeast Nutrient.
1 x Pectolase.
1 x Citric Acid.


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