St. Peters Cream Stout

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An aromatic, strong, dark chocolate cream stout with a satisfying bittersweet aftertaste

3kg Refill Ingredient Pack
No sugar required to make (just a little to prime)
Brews 36 pints
Approx ABV 5%
Equipment required to make (not included)

This new 3kg beer kit brews 36 pints of an aromatic, strong, dark chocolate creamy stout which has been developed by Muntons, tested and approved by the head brewer at the St Peter’s Brewery. 

This is the fourth kit in the popular St Peters brewery kit range.

St Peter’s cream stout is made using the finest UK malt and hops allowing the homebrewer to recreate this brewery style beer in their home. This 36 pint kit brews a creamy chocolate stout with a final strength of about 5 % ABV.

The commercial version of this beer was a Silver Medal winner in the International Beer Competition 2009 and Australian International Beer Challenge 2010 / 50 Best Beers 2006 – serious accolades.

Established in 1996, St Peter’s brewery is based in Suffolk and is housed in the grounds of St Peter’s Hall. The brewery produces a wide variety of different beers including many seasonal specials.