Premium Wine Starter Kit (30 bottles)

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 This is a great starter kit and comes with everything needed to easily make 30 bottles of wine. Wine is not included so that you can pick your favourite for yourself. Kit Contains:
1 x Wide Neck Fermentation Vessel. (25 litre)
1 x Fermentation Vessel. (25 litre)
1 x Little Bottler Complete.
1 x Bubbler.
1 x Rubber Bung & Rubber Bung Bore.
1 x Steriliser 100g.
1 x Syphon Tube.                                                                        1
 x Stick-on Thermometer                                                        1 x Hydrometer .
1 x Trial Jar.
1 x 2 Handled corker.
30 x Straight standard corks.

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