Masterpint Pale Ale

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Master Pint 1.6 Kg Pale Ale Beer Kit
Colour: 12-16 EBC
Bitterness: 35-40 EBU
Alcohol: 5%
Net weight: 1.6kg
These beer kits are made from specially selected liquid malt extracts, and they also contain varietal brewery yeasts matched to each beer style for top quality results.
Master Pint beer kits are packed in a plastic standing pouch. This is to enable us to use a minimum of packaging material, both for our enviroment and for a better price. This is perfect for mail order as you cannot dent a pouch. Although it is a budget kit, we have not saved on cheaper yeast. Each kit contains brewery yeast, a little slower than cheap beer kit yeast, but it creates a much better result. Full instruction on back of pouch.
Select the Craft Range 1.5 Kg LME bundle option for best results.