Magnum Medium Dry Rose

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About the Magnum Rosé Refill Ingredient
With a mix of fruity red and white Italian grapes, the Magnum Rosé is a fragrant and delicate rose wine, the perfect companion for any meal or for serving on its own.
Please note: Some ranges, including the Magnum wines, have tins which can sometimes appear dented, this is due to the pressure within the tins and the manufacturing process when filled and cannot be avoided, particularly when cold. The contents are perfectly fine and safe to use.
(Also available in Red and White wine versions)
Magnum wine kits are made from high quality European grape juice, producing 23 litres of great value & quality wine.
Takes 3-4 Weeks to Brew
Approx. ABV 11-14%
Makes 30 Bottles (23 Litres)
Just add sugar and water
Includes easy step-by-step instruction booklet
Equipment required to make the Magnum Wine (not included)
Home Brew Online Starter Equipment Pack is ideal or:
Fermenting Bin with a minimum of 25 Litres capacity
Syphon Tube
Wine Bottles 
Brewing 3.5kg Sugar (Preferably Brewing Sugar) 
Ingredients required
3.5kg Sugar is required for each 30 bottle batch. Any white sugar can be used however we recommend brewing sugar
Other helpful equipment
Hydrometer – to check the alcohol level
Airlock – to put in the lid of Fermenting Bin if the lid is fitted with hole and grommet