Homebrew.ie Starter Pack including Barrel, Co2 Pack and Bulldog Brew Cider Kit

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The Ideal Starter Pack for Home Brewing Top Quality Cider, With CO2 Injection System and a range of top quality Ciders to choose from

Includes All the Equipment To Get Started 

Home Brewing your own beer is not only rewarding and economical, it is also very easy. Our Starter Kit is great for getting into Home Brewing and makes the perfect gift for somebody who may be interested in giving it a go.

There are a number of Ciders styles to suit every taste, Using good quality Cider kit ingredients such as the ones available in our shop, and the results will be at least as good as what you'd get in the pub, probably much better due to the fact that no preservatives are used or pasteurising which removes a lot of the natural goodness.

The Homebrew.ie Starter Equipment Pack includes all the equipment to start brewing, the only thing left to do is choose which type of beer you'd like to make. This setup will enable you to make 40 pint batches of Cider.

The equipment included is easy to use, very good quality and includes many of our top selling lines, it can all be used for many years to brew great quality beer.

Homebrew.ie Starter Kit  Contents;

Quality Fermentation Container for the initial brewing process, includes lid with grommet for airlock

Pressure Barrel  Finishes the fermenting process then stores and dispenses the beer - holds 40 pints

CO2 Injector Pack - with Bulbs and a Bulb Holder for use with your barrel

Plastic Stirrer It takes a long spoon or paddle to mix the ingredients!

Rigid Tube & Syphon Tube With Sediment Trap - To transfer the Cider from the Fermenter to the Barrel

Bubbler Airlock  Half fill it with water, it lets the gasses escape and prevents contamination

Hydrometer  Lets you check on the alcohol content so you know when its ready

LCD Thermometer  Helps you keep your brew at the correct temperature

Cleaner/Steriliser  Ready to start? Clean your equipment to avoid contamination

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