Harris Premium Cider Yeast

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5 gram Sachet will ferment a batch between 1-5 gallons (5-25 litres)
This premium cider yeast will ensure that you achieve a good clean fermentation and produce the best flavour from your fruit.
This low foaming premium cider yeast has a high sulphur dioxide tolerance, so your fermentation can begin even if there are some traces of SO2 in the must.
The strain of yeast used can also tolerate high levels of other stress factors such as organic acids, incorrect temperature and incorrect acid levels.
Although the yeast will perform best in the temperatures of 20-24C (68-75F), this strain is capable of fermenting between 10-35C (50-95F).
All sachets are foil lined and are nitrogen gas flushed before filling, ensuring the highest quality yeast upon opening.