Fast Fermenter Premium Starter Kit for Beer/Lager

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This is the way to go for future homebrewers, all your first and secondary fermentation taken care of without any racking or transfer of liquids, simply unscrew the bottle on the bottom of the fermenter get rid of your by products and screw back on open the tap and your off on your secondary fermentation, come complete with wall bracket and filling hose for easy transfer  to bottles, keg or carboys.


This kit comes complete with a FastFerment fermenter, a yeast collection ball to help you harvest your yeast. This unit also comes with the standard wall bracket and screws for mounting on a wall and  bottle/keg filler, you also receive with this version the Screw in Thermometer, Carrying strap and Stand

If you want to cut-down on sanitation and bottling time while reducing the amount of space you need to brew, a FastFerment Conical Fermenter Kit is for you.

  • Made of food grade HDPE plastic 30litre
  • Yeast collection bulb allows for primary and secondary fermentation to occur in same vessel
  • Also helps harvest yeast for future use
  • Bottling hose lets you pour directly into bottles or kegs
  • Makes home brewing faster, easier, and less obtrusive than ever
  • Six-inch screw top opening for easy filling and cleaning access
  • Kit has full range of accessories to maximise efficiency
All you need to do now is add your beer or wine customers have added from below or chosen their own.