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Double Snake C-48 Turbo Yeast
Double Snake C-48 contains a special High alcohol yeast and nutrient for extreme alcohol content up to 21% ABV.
Add 6 Kg of sugar to make 14% alcohol in 2 days, 7 Kg to make 17% alcohol in 3 days, 8 Kg to make 19% in 5 days or 9 Kg to make 21% in 7-10 days
Add 20 litres of lukewarm (25 oC) water to your fermenter, then add sugar and mix well. Top up with warm water to 26 litres total adjusting temperature of liquid. For fermentation time and alcohol, see table. Add contents of the C48 sachet and mix. Do not use an airlock. NOTE: to reach 21% alcohol you MUST keep liquid temperature constant between 18-24 oC which can not be done without cooling equipment.
Yeast, nutrient, vitamins and trace mineral.