Coopers Starter Kit with Brewbelt

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Coopers Lager Home Brew DIY Beginners Kit
Has everything needed (except a can-opener and water) to brew the beer kit.

The starter kit does not take up too much room and it should fit into a kitchen cupboard.

All the Equipment is re-usable, you will just need another beer kit and maybe some beer enhancer and steriliser for your next brew

This can be a excellent gift being in a full colour box.

We do recommend the use of steriliser.
• 1 x 30ltr plastic fermenter lid
• 1 x Tap ( new tap style, different to the box and in the video )
• 1 x Bottling valve & tube
• 1 x Beer Enhancer 1
• 1 x Carbonation Drops
• 1 x Adhesive digital thermometer
• 1 x Hydrometer
• 1 x Hydrometer Jar
• Plastic bottles & caps
• 1 x Plastic spoon
• 1 x 1.7kg can Coopers Lager Home Brew Kit, Brewer yeast under the lid
• All packaged in a Coopers Printed Shipping Box
Also include is full directions in form of a DVD to help you every step of the way

This version also includes a brewbelt which is essential for keeping your brew at the correct temperature during fermentation

All the Equipment is re-usable, you just need a beer kit, may be Enhancer and sterliser for your next brew