Bulldog Brews Perfect Pear Cider

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Perfect Pear Cider ingredients refill.
Bulldog Brews cider making kits go the extra mile in everything - the amount of raw material, the specially developed cider yeast, the delicate cider recipes used. It's brewing made simple - just add water and your cider is ready in a week or so. 
This kit requires no sugar addition for primary fermentation but needs a small amount for priming at the end. 
Alcohol 4.5% (vol)
Net weight 3.0 kgs
Makes 23 litres
Equipment required to brew - not included
Bulldog Brews - taking the crushing out of cidermaking. The cider kits from Bulldog are state of the art when it comes to raw materials, special yeast etc and yet very simple to make. Just add water!
The Bulldog Brews Perfect Pear Cider kit has been developed with no compromises. We are using the best European pear juice available to produce an amazingly natural and fresh pear cider.