Bulldog Brews Mixed Berries Cider

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Bulldog Brews Mixed Berries Flavoured Cider
Bulldog Brews cider making kits go the extra mile in everything - the amount of raw material, the specially developed cider yeast, the delicate cider recipes used. It's brewing made simple - just add water and your cider is ready in a week or so. 
Bulldog Brews cider kits contain unprecedented amounts of fruit juice and will produce stunning summer ciders. All Bulldog Ciders are simple to make - just add water to brew your own cider.
This kit requires no sugar addition for primary fermentation but needs a small amount for priming at the end.
Alcohol 4.5% (vol)
Net weight 3.0 kgs
Makes 23 litres
The Bulldog Brews Mixed Berries flavoured cider is made from a very aromatic apple concentrate, delicately flavoured with raspberry and blueberry. This is the perfect summer drink