Bulldog Brews Evil Dog Double IPA

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Evil Dog American Double IPA Refill Ingredient
Alcohol 7.1% (vol)
Bitterness 40-45 EBU
Colour 12-17 EBC
Net weight 4.7 kgs
Hop pellets Simcoe, Summit
Makes 40 Pints
(Equipment required to make - not included)
Our Evil Dog American Double IPA has been created around a powerful dose of the American Simcoe and Summit hop varieties and a fine selection of malts, which in combination with our special craft beer yeast will produce a true craft beer, with potent bitterness and bursting with aromas of pine and grapefruit. The massive dose of American hop pellets comes in teabag technology of course, for maximum convenience. Home brewing of beer made easy!
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Bulldog Brews
Beer kits from Bulldog Brews contains unprecedented amounts of malt extract, brewery strain yeast and hop pellets for true brewery quality home brewing of beer.
The challenge of the 4kg beer kit
There have been many problems in going well above the old established "Premium" level of 3 kgs of malt extract. One problem is to get the brew to ferment down, reliably to the proper final gravity around 1006 (lagers) up to around 1010 (full bodied ales). A knee-jerk solution to this is to use what we think of as a "wham-bam" yeast strain. Many beer kits today use one of these because it will work consistently well even on the higher start gravities of 3kg "Premium" kits, but when we took the next step up to the 4kg kit, they were not completely reliable and of course, they still produce boring beer.