Bulldog Bayanus Yeast 10g

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Bulldog Bayanus Yeast 10g (Champagne, High Alcohol, Restart)

Bulldog Bayanus is an excellent all round yeast strain, perfect for high alcohol / fortified wines, champagne, and most country wines. Its also ideal for cider fermentations.

This yeast is relatively neutral in character but it still introduces a superb structure and profile that compliments all wine types.

Bulldog Bayanus is very robust; it can ferment to 18% ABV and can also handle relatively high levels of sulphides, poor temperature control and pH. It can fermented all the way down to 10 oC.

Other features of this yeast strain incluse low foaming, and fast start-up, and fast clearing.

Bulldog Bayanus can also be used as a restart yeast for a stuck fermentation.

All in all, an excellent all round yeast strain.