Budget Wine Starter Kit for 30 bottle kit

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 This is a great starter kit and comes with everything needed to make 30 bottles of wine. The wine is not included so that you can pick your favourite for yourself.Kit Contains:

2 x Fermentation Vessels  25 litre.

1 x Drilled Lid.

1 x Rubber Bung.

1 x Rubber Bung Bore.

1 x  Airlock.

1 x  Stick on thermometer.

1 x  Steriliser  100g.

1 x Syphon Tube.

1 x Bottle Filler and Tap.

1 x  Hydrometer.

1 x  Wine Mixing Spoon.


This will get you to bottling stage, you will then need to obtain 30 bottles either of your own or from our website, also required would be corks, hand corker,  and if you really want to make a good job out of it you can get labels and shrink wraps to impress all your friends with your new found talents.

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