BrewBuddy Lager/Bitter Starter Complete Kit with Brewbelt heater etc

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Brewing beer at home is easy and this home brew starter kit makes it even easier by providing everything you need, except water and bottles to start brewing 40 pints of lager.please indicate whether it is Bitter or Lager you require in the notes section on your order form

This Complete Home Brew Starter kit includes

25 litre Brewing Bin and Lid,
Hydrometer - for checking the progress of fermentation,
Syphon Tube - for transferring beer to bottles* or pressure barrel*,
Steriliser - to clean and sterilise all equipment,
BrewBuddy Lager Kit - makes 40 pints

Brewing sugar for brewing the beer kit,
Stick on LCD thermometer
Brewbelt heater to maintain the temperature needed for quality beers

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