Homebrew All You Need Starter Kit With Winebuddy and 30 Bottles

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Homebrew All You Need Starter Kit Including Top Quality Wine!

The Homebrew All You Need Starter Kit With A Winebuddy 30 bottles, just select a wine of your choice. This is a top quality starter kit with all you need to brew your very own wine for the first time, from brewing to transfer to bottling from first fermentation to final destination.

Equipment Pack includes all the equipment to start brewing, the only thing left to do is choose which type of ingredients you’d like to make. This setup will enable you to make up to 30 bottles of a wine of your choice and others, this pack comes with the best section that there is out there. The equipment included is easy to use, very good quality and includes many of our top selling lines, it can all be used for many years to brew great quality home brew.

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Homebrew All You Need Starter Kit With Winebuddy and 30 Bottles

2 x 25 liter Fermentation Vessel – For the initial brewing process, and the second vessel bored and ready to fit the little bottler. The lid is fitted with a grommet to accommodate the airlock.

Airlock - 6 chamber for fitting into the lid

30 x Glass 0.7 of a litre cork top bottles green or clear - Reusable Clear bottles to store your wine If you have any Preferences in bottles please send us a request.

30 x Straight Corks  - For Sealing of bottle for long life shelf.

1 x 2 Handle Corker  - For Corking your bottles. 

Plastic Stirrer – It takes a long spoon or paddle to mix the ingredients!

Little Bottler with sediment trap – To easily transfer the beer from the fermenter to your bottles.

Hydrometer & Trial Jar  – Lets you check on the alcohol content so you know when it’s ready.

LCD Thermometer – Helps you keep your brew at the correct temperature.

Cleaner/Sterilizer – Ready to start? Clean your equipment to avoid contamination.

1.5 Meter 1/2 inch tube   For transferring Process to your Second Vessel.

All in one kit Starter kit from start to Finish.

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