130 New Winemaking Recipes by CJ Berry

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130 New Winemaking Recipes from fruit, flowers, vegetables and foliage are all dealt with in this great book.

More than 500,000 copies of the practical little book '130 new winemaking recipes', now in it’s updated third edition have been sold. This book supplements the best-selling First Steps in Winemaking and together both books form a comprehensive collection of recipes.

Once people made country wine solely from the fruits of their gardens and local hedgerows, but this book takes that a step further with a wider range of fascinating ingredient – grape juice, dried rosehips, dried elderberries, bilberries, to name a few. This book allows winemakers to enjoy making wine all year round, independent of fruiting season. Your fingers will itch to start winemaking right away!

Paperback, 21 × 15cm, 123 pages