Muntons Hand Crafted Winter Warmer

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Home Brew Beer Refill Kit ?Makes 36 Pints

A Strong, mellow ale balanced with choice aromatic and bittering hops. ABV 5.7%

Winter Warmer Ale is sure to bring a warm glow to all who drink it. That?s because Muntons have used authentic premium brewing malt and hops to provide a flavoursome, pleasingly strong winter brew.

Muntons began by carefully selecting and malting the best English 2-row barley.When making the extract great care is taken to ensure that all the malt flavour and character is retained.

To the extract, a unique blend of brewing hops is added, specially supplied by England?s most renowned hop growers.

To guarantee consistent brewing, Winter Warmer Ale contains Premium Gold Yeast ? a brewers grade yeast with superior ale making characteristics and good ?crusting? properties to help make your beer crystal clear.

By following the simple step-by-step instructions on the pack, you can produce an ale which is perfectly balanced with just the right amount of maltiness, bitterness and aroma ? a beer which captures the round, mellow flavour of an authentic English winter ale.

One thing is for certain, once you have experienced the satisfying taste of Winter Warmer Ale, you'?ll only want one thing in your stocking for Christmas!

About Muntons Premium Gold ?Winter Warmer Ale Beer Kit
A Strong, mellow ale balanced with choice aromatic and bittering hops. ABV5.7%

3.6kg Pack
No sugar required
Brews 36 pints
Approx ABV ? 5.7%
Equipment required to make (not included)

New To Home Brewing?
Equipment is required to brew this beer kit. We have starter equipment packs with either a barrel or bottles.


How do I brew it?
It?'s easy! Take a look at our step-by-step