Sadlers Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon premium wine kit

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Sadlers Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

This home brew wine kit probably produces the most famous red wine on Earth today. Cabernet Sauvignon ranges in style from simple, fruity, friendly wines that are great for informal occasions such as picnics, casual get-togethers, or Wednesday night dinner, to big, bold blockbusters full of luscious concentrated fruit and plenty of wow factor.

With the addition of the oak sachet more complex flavours often feature, such as notes of chocolate, black tea, black olive, liquorice, tar, coffee, pencil lead and leather.

Although it grows in all but the coldest climates, this late-ripening grape truly flourishes in vineyards in, where the warm, dry climate allows it to ripen thoroughly and develop rich red fruit, berry, black currant, and fig aromas and flavours. As you develop your skills this dependable wine kit will produce a consistent reliable wine for those long winter evenings.