Brewferm Grand Cru 9L

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Brewferm Grand Cru –Golden Beer Refill Ingredient
A gold coloured beer with a subtle “herbal” aroma and a full, malty flavour with a light fruitiness.
Requires 500g of sugar or try 500g of spraymalt for fuller body and better head retention.
Contains hopped barley, wheat malt extract, oak flakes, herbs and a sachet of yeast
ABV 8%
Makes 9 Litres
Pure and natural ingredients
No additives or preservatives
Easy, step-by-step Instructions
Equipment required to make (not included)
Brewferm brings you a unique range of beer kits for brewing Belgian beer at home. Why Belgian beer? Belgian beers are renowned worldwide for their high quality, the extensive range and the delicious full taste. Who is in a better position to surrender Belgian recipe secrets than a local producer?
Twenty-five years of experience in Belgian homebrew kits guarantees high quality and 100% natural ingredients, which you, the home brewer, will enjoy with relish.
Brewferm beer concentrates have already undergone the major part of the brewing process. Just before the final stage this process is interrupted and the liquid is reduced by evaporation until the beer concentrates are left. All you have to do is add water and sugar to obtain, after fermentation, 7 to 20 litres of beautiful natural beer.
Brewferm Belgian Beer Kits generally take a couple of weeks longer to brew than the average beer kit to achieve a higher alcohol content and subtle Abbey beer style flavours.
The Brewferm website has brewing instructions in their ‘How to make beer’ section
Download Brewferm Beer Kit Instructions
New To Home Brewing?
Equipment is required to brew this beer kit.
Our Home Brew Online Starter Packs are ideal
How do I brew it?
It’s easy! Take a look at our step-by-step Guide To Brewing Beer
A gold coloured beer with a subtle ‘herbal’ aroma and a full, malty flavour with a light fruitiness. 
  • Original gravity: 1.075
  • ABV: 8.0%
  • For 9 litres